Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taking Time To Think Ahead

Americans are a bit fickle. They eat huge meals and wash it down with diet soft drinks. Think nothing of drinking bottle water, when nothing was wrong with what was coming out of the tap.

As time goes on we forget the sins we create with policy. Recent FDA actions to stop rendering larger cows and removing spinal tissues from all animal feeds has caused the cost of doing business to go up in price. The price of horses has dropped dramatically and the cost of rendering has increased to the point where the care and husbandry towards horses has actually decreased.

So for this group, we need to help them to either compost their animals or look for other available methods of approved disposal. Just ignoring the subject will not cut it as some will avoid the pickup fee and drag carcasses to the back of the field. Not my first choice in carcass disposal.

Whether we choose to limit antibiotics use or meat consumption, or condos in our neighborhoods, we need to think ahead of what hardships this may cause the general public. As the costs of production rise - guess what, the price of purchases will also increase. Sensible minds need to prevail.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Aftermath of Proposition 2 in California

For those who are maintaining flocks in California, Prop 2 will certainly create some confusion as to how they will continue to produce eggs in an efficient way. The Poultry Science Association (poultryscience.org) went on record stating that there is no scientific evidence that current production practices are detrimental to poultry flocks. Other studies have determined that due to this passage major losses in farm revenues will be seen as production leaves the state.

IMHO I think that cooler heads need to prevail. Nobody I know who cares for these animals wishes to see animals abused. It is a fact that farm animals that are stressed in any way are very unproductive. So, it is in the interest of producers no matter which system of production used to do the best job possible.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Welcome to the nest

Welcome to the Nest!

I hope that this blog will help answer some of those nagging questions you may have had in the past. And were afraid to ask.