Tuesday, March 31, 2009

On Being a Good Scout

Be Prepared !

We always think about this after the car runs into the ditch or when the barn catches fire. Are we really, really prepared for emergencies? We are starting tornado season early this year and I have to think do we have our "ducks in a row" so to speak as to keeping our farms safe from a financial loss.

Be sure to have your insurance evaluated periodically. Ask your agent what ifs so that you can find out for example are the payments for actual expenses or a lump sum for loss. Does my insurance cover tornadoes or floods (some don't). What would you need in order to file a valid claim for losses.

Each farm is a little different, but all of us need to backup important things and contacts and either place them in a safety deposit box or give to a relative or friend out of the area so that you can get what you need when you need it. I have seen folks place photo negatives into vaults and come back to get them after fires or floods. Be sure to have a plan so that should disaster strike, you will be able to survive the aftermath.

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