Friday, November 4, 2016

Getting Ahead of Flu Season

 Take all precautions to protect yourself and your birds.
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With fall and winter season upon us, several steps should be taken to fortify your location against disease.  With fall migrations, wild birds will over fly or even rest on or near your location.  Prevent co mingling of wild birds with poultry by exclusion methods and housing.

Hygine should also be strengthened during this period so that germs will not be carried into a poultry area.  Use washable or disposable clothing and footwear when working with birds and disinfect early and often.  The amount of money spent on C&D (cleaning and disinfection) is better spent that what would be endured from an outbreak.

Lastly, protect yourself during flu season.  Get the seasonal flu shot, and wash your hands often, especially after congregating in public areas such as bathrooms and meeting rooms.  Advancements in vaccine technologies have made the seasonal flu vaccine an important protection for all those at risk of the flu.  Always consult your physician should you have questions regarding any vaccinations.

CDC Vaccination Guidance on Seasonal Flu

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