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Thursday, October 8, 2009

To Compost Well - prepare and observe

When composting mortality having the right conditions will ensure a good result. Remember to start with a good base of carbon bearing materials in the bottom of the bin. Wet birds to help hasten the process and then cover completely to keep other animals out of the composter. Monitor composting using a composting thermometer in order to tell when compost needs further attention or to pull and spread. For best results compost at 45-50% moisture with temps over 110o F.

Be sure to have adequate materials at hand to compost, so to be at the ready for when its necessary to handle mortality on the farm.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Making Composting Work on the Farm

In light of the recent specific restricted materials (SRM) requirements being placed on rendering plants, some may opt out of taking your livestock for processing. Because of this it is always important to have a mortality handling plan for the farm. If you are new to mortality composting there is help available to you. The key thing to remember is the Rule of 2's. Two feet of good sized carbon materials followed by two feet of covering materials over the animal. Above ground composting IMHO is the best way for all livestock owners to care for their on farm mortality. For more info and particular guidance see: