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Monday, June 22, 2015

Keeping it Clean

The C is more important than the D

When we speak of biosecurity, many folks immediately jump to disinfectants, application methods, and types of surfaces you have to C&D (clean and disinfect).  But if a surface is not clean first, there is no hope of disinfecting well, especially if the surface is really dirty.  To make your disinfectant work better, be sure to clean the item you are trying to disinfect. 
Dry clean and then wash in soap and water if possible.  The soap and scrubbing action will remove many of the germs that you wish to kill.  With a clean surface any remaining germs will be killed with the proper disinfectant.  So if I have to choose, I would pick hot water and soap over just a disinfectant on a very dirty boot.  Contact time and scrubbing will help with removing dirt from most surfaces.  I carry liquid soap, water and a shallow pan in order to wash my rubber boots from my car every time a make a visit to a poultry farm.  I always follow up with a spray of disinfectant to finish the job.  When washing hands, scrub with soap and water then use a gel to sanitize.